About Us

Our History & Way

The Asset Experts was established by a team of entrepreneurs with more than 40 years’ experience in the auction and asset management industries. While there’s no shortage of auction houses in the market, few can offer the range of end-to-end services that we provide.
From our project management software to our RICS valuations, we do things differently. Our business is built on precision, efficiency and comprehensive solutions designed to ease the burden on our clients and ensure that asset management isn’t a strain on resources. We also take a transparent and open approach to client care, which means that we always keep you updated every step of the way.

Who We Work With

Over the years we have worked with asset finance companies, insolvency practitioners, corporate restructuring and advisory companies. But no matter who the client is, our approach remains the same: to make it easier to store, value, manage, sell or dispose of assets.

Sustainability as a Priority

The continuous process of manufacturing, purchasing and discarding of goods simply can’t continue indefinitely if we wish to protect the future sustainability of our planet. This cycle of waste only adds to landfill and places growing demands on production processes that burn fossil fuels and utilise toxic materials.
We understand the importance of redeploying assets and the maintenance of products in the marketplace. In fact, we help our clients wherever possible to look at the most appropriate opportunities to ensure that equipment, appliances and other goods remain in service for as long as possible – keeping landfill contributions to a minimum and reducing global dependence on excess manufacturing.
So, not only does auctioning unwanted equipment hold financial value; it also has a critical role to play in maintaining a sustainable footprint.