Asset Appraisals

Accurate Asset Appraisals to Inform Smarter Business Decisions

Understanding the value of your assets is critical to decision making across any organisation. Whether it’s making sense of your balance sheet, preparing for a merger, or taking the decision to recycle unwanted items, a rigorous and accurate appraisal is essential.
The specialist team here at The Asset Experts have years of experience in the appraisal and valuation of assets for businesses across many industries and sectors. We provide RICS certified valuations that deliver full visibility over your inventory and inform important business decisions.
We are experts at identifying and extracting the value of capital assets from initial audits and reporting to auctioning and asset recycling.

Our process

As part of our quality assurance process all of our appraisal reports are peer reviewed for accuracy and consistency. This provides an important layer of verification and provides you with genuine peace of mind. These high standards of appraisal are combined with the professionalism and integrity for which we have a long-standing reputation.

Asset Appraisals: What to Expect

Asset appraisals require an expert eye from a trusted source. Attributing value to equipment, machinery and goods requires a carefully considered balance of auction results, market demand, item condition and more.
Each year our asset appraisal experts assist clients to value assets for the purposes of acquisitions, mergers, asset-based lending, liquidation and asset disposition. Our market-leading expertise gives clients a clearer picture of the revenue that can be generated from unwanted items through sale or redeployment, or as collateral for loans.
Our specialist team have years of experience in appraising and valuing assets. We can support your business in the preparation of reports and the delivery of real-world value conclusions.

Our Fully Certified RICS Appraisal Eeports Can Be Used for:

Asset disposition and/or acquisition
Audit & review

Merger and acquisitions

Recovery and reorganisation



Asset-based lending