Buying and Selling Assets Made Simple

We know that managing asset transactions at scale can feel like a daunting task. We understand that you don’t want the buying or selling of assets to become a time consuming and costly process. That’s why we offer a fully managed and efficient auction service to take away the hassle and heavy lifting from your organisation.
We offer a number of different auction types to achieve a fast, efficient and cost effective sale. With an expert team and an advanced asset management platform on hand to handle the whole process, you are free to focus on your day job and leave the rest to us.

Assets marketed to thousands of bidders

Maximised cash value from assets

Fully managed logistics and sales process


Supporting your
 sustainability goals

Online Timed Auctions

Timed online auctions have become a popular alternative to traditional auctions. Clients are able to bid online without being present in person. This helps to ensure that the sale and purchase of items is both convenient and time efficient. As the name suggests, online timed auctions run for a limited period, in which bids can be placed and monitored by other bidders.
Once the bidding time allocation is over, the highest bidder wins the item and the purchase may proceed to payment stage.
UK online timed auctions can be accessed via our website with all items fully catalogued and supported by accompanying asset information.

Tender Bid Auctions

A tender auction works differently to a timed online auction. A tender bid auction is a closed process in which sealed bids can be made and then presented directly to a seller. Unlike a timed auction where bidding is transparent and open for all to see, bidders are not aware of how much others may have offered during the initial process.
Negotiations may then be undertaken between bidders to achieve the best possible outcome for a client. This format tends to be popular with sellers who want to keep greater control over the process.

Private Treaty Sale

In a private treaty sale, sellers are able to set the price they want to achieve before the asset is marketed through the relevant channels. This format differs from a traditional auction because our team works to market a particular item for a set price.
Private treaty sales can be an efficient solution for clients looking to sell expensive assets in a structured and low-risk way.

Why Choose Us

As industry-leading asset valuers and auctioneers our end-to-end asset service makes selling inventory quick, easy and profitable. When assets and equipment are deemed to be surplus to requirement, our expertise and access to the latest auction management technology can help you reach a large buyer database in the shortest time possible.
We are also an environmentally conscious auction house. We understand the value in giving assets a new lease of life and avoiding contributions to landfill at all costs. Not only that but we can help you realise the value of assets and turn a profit in the process.
By supporting the circular economy and enabling organisations to recover, recondition and redeploy goods that would otherwise go to waste, we can also reduce the dependence on new manufacturing processes and further environmental damage.